Reflections on EBLIP7


I had the opportunity to attend the 7th International Evidence Based Library & Information Practice (EBLIP7) Conference held at the University of Saskatchewan July 15-18th. This conference was attended by evidence-based librarian practitioners and assessment librarians among other interesting folks. There is a strong EBLIP presence in Canada. In fact, this conference was the unveiling and ribbon cutting of the Centre for Evidence Based Librarianship & Practice at the University of Saskatchewan which I believe is the first of its kind in Canada specifically for librarianship.

I attended presentations about the intersection of evidence-based librarianship with librarian research agendas, instruction, virtual reference, library leadership, and student performance. There were many presentations I was unable to attend about evidence-based librarianship and library noise, user design, library spaces, and public libraries. It was great that this conference was inclusive of public libraries as this idea of evidence-based librarianship has implications beyond academic and medical libraries for truly effective and meaningful librarianship based on effective decision-making through evidence.

The conference also focused on sharing methodologies that may be useful to librarians. I learned about Learning Study instruction development methods , Narrative Inquiry, and Systematics Reviews, among others.

Evidence-based librarianship and library assessment go hand in hand. Assessment is one tool to develop local evidence that can be applied to help with decision-making. It would be great to see more discussion in Oregon libraries about Evidence-Based Librarianship & Information Practice. Hopefully, OLA-LART can begin to facilitate these conversations.

For more about the conference check out:
EBLIP7 Conference website
#EBLIP7 Twitter tag
Storify items about EBLIP7

or contact me: Rick Stoddart — your OLA-LART Chair.

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