Computers in Libraries article of note

The June Computers in Libraries has an article that assessment-interested people will want to know about. The authors make a case for considering outcomes and impacts while designing library initiatives, and for developing more satisfaction and value measures related to those initiatives. Below you’ll find the link to Gale’s Academic OneFile database but it’s also available in full text in EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier and ProQuest’s ABI/Inform Trade & Industry, among others.

Hosseini-Ara, Moe, and Rebecca Jones. “Overcoming our habits and learning to measure impact.” Computers in Libraries June 2013: 3+. Academic OneFile. Web. 25 July 2013. Document URL:

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1 Response to Computers in Libraries article of note

  1. What a great article. Laying out the differences between Input/Outputs and Outcome/Impact is well done. The authors also highlight the 5 problems with current assessment practices in libraries.
    1. No Targeted Measure
    2. Not talking with stakeholders in the beginning
    3. Not building the measure into the design
    4. Confusing operating measures with value measures
    5. No one manages the measures

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