Community Impact Assessment Training for Public Libraries

Just saw this posted on the OLA listserv about an online training opportunity related to assessment in public libraries — I thought it would be good to get the word out.

Impact Survey: Understand Your Community’s Technology Needs, Thursday, September 5, 2013 ♦11 am Pacific  60 min

 The newly updated and recently launched Impact Survey is a full-service online survey tool designed for public library staff to understand community use of library technology services and how to improve those services. The Impact Survey evolved from the 2009 Opportunity for All study and makes the complex job of surveying patrons easy and fast at no cost to library staff.

Collecting patron-level data on library technology use is tremendously beneficial to public libraries. Understanding your community’s unique technology needs is essential to providing patrons with useful technology services. Join us to learn how library staff can implement the Impact Survey and use the survey results to:

·         Inform smart internal planning, strategy, and resource allocation

·         Use local facts and figures to support advocacy and fundraising efforts when communicating with local decision makers and other stakeholders

·         Improve their ranking with the Edge and other evaluation metrics

·         Better serve their communities

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