LART Bios: Sara Q. Thompson

Who are you?

I am one of the Communications Secretaries for OLA-LART and and also the Social Media Coordinator for OLA in general. I am just finishing up my first year as the Instruction Librarian for OSU-Cascades in beautiful Bend. In my previous library lives I was an ed-tech librarian for a small college, a training program coordinator for international professional development at a large university, and I’ve done various web and social media things along the way. I went to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my master’s degree and first came to love the mountains of Oregon as an undergraduate at Eastern Oregon University.

What interests you about Library Assessment?

I was told there would be lasers. I’m sure they’re around here somewhere…

Where do you draw inspiration for being a librarian from?

Giles from Buffy. No… Casanova. No, wait, I mean Batgirl. Yes, definitely Batgirl.

What are some cool things going on at your library right now?

My campus is going through a big identity and growth and existential crisis right now, but all in the best way. We are transitioning from our original 2-year juniors-and-seniors format to a 4-year full-fledged university branch. We are ramping up from 1,000 students to 5,000 students and changing location as we go, but we’re not sure exactly where. And this is all happening over the next five years. It means that nothing is ever boring and everything is possible!

Besides the library where you work, what is your favorite library and why?

The Library of the Future in my head. My campus doesn’t have plans yet for a new library – we currently share with the local community college. But that hasn’t stopped me from thinking and planning. I imagine a library full of creative opportunities, hosting open-table collaboration events between local business leaders and students, full of serendipitous stimulations in the forms of art, media, and people.


About Sara

Quirky, curious librarian.
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