Free Web Conference Features session on Public Library Metrics and Measurement

This year’s “Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference” , developed by the Nicolet Federeated Library System,features many interesting sessions for public librarians. Of particular assessment interest is Library Metrics and Measurement: Counting What Counts & Making it Matter, given by Emily Clasper, System Operations and Training Manager, Suffolk Cooperative Library System,Bellport, New York. The description of her session tells us it should be a great session on thinking about the ins, outs, ups, downs, pros, and cons of statistical analysis, data driven decision making, and interpretation of data collected on public libraries for marketing and development purposes:

“In today’s world of thinly-stretched resources, changing trajectories, and tough choices for the future, libraries depend more and more on metrics for justifying expenses, gaining support, and demonstrating the value of their services. But are libraries equipped to dive into the world of statistical analysis and data-driven decision making? Are we prepared, as a profession, to ask the right questions and gather the data we need? Are we equipped to interpret our findings and use them to market, fund, develop and strengthen our libraries? This session will open a thoughtful discussion of what we should be paying attention to in the world of metrics and what first steps we can take to move in a direction where the numbers we present really tell the stories of our libraries.”

The entire web conference, live on January 15 & 16, from 9am-5pm CST, is free and will be recorded. They are also live tweeting with #wwwc14. You can check out the full program here, and register particularly for Emily Clasper’s session here.

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