Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation Sections (LLAMA)

As we move into the new year and begin getting those reminders for our professional library organizations to renew our membership, I wanted to make the OLA-LART members aware of the Measurement, Assessment &  Evaluation (MAES) section of the Library Leadership & Management Association (LLAMA). At ALA Midwinter this year they organized some great sessions on library assessment.

The section’s charge is:

The Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation Section exercises overall responsibility for all matters pertaining to needs for and uses of measurement of library resources, services, and facilities, regardless of type of library or functional activity.  This Section works with other organizations, agencies, and associations in planning and advising in areas of library measurement, evaluation, and assessment; recommends and/or prepares guidelines, standards, and tools to be used in measurement, evaluation, and assessment activities; and, recommends inclusions, definitions, procedures, and policies concerning library quantitative and qualitative assessment.

They also have an assessment toolkit that maybe of interest to libraries.

Consider joining LLAMA and MAES or at the very list stay connected to MAES efforts via their listserv. If you have questions about this group let us and we can see about answering them or putting you in touch with someone who does.

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