Recap: ILAGO/LART Information Threshold Concepts Workshop

OLA LART was lucky to be able to “curate” a session on information literacy threshold concepts at the 2014 Oregon Information Literacy Summit held by ILAGO. We invited Amy Hofer to lead a workshop about potential assessment techniques when using the thresholds as an information literacy pedagogical approach during instruction.

The description of the workshop is below:

  •  Teaching information literacy threshold concepts means introducing our students to some of the “big ideas” that can transform their understanding of the information landscape. Development of an assessment practice that might demonstrate whether students have crossed IL learning thresholds is in its infancy. This work group will start from existing examples to draft new instructional activities that can help students approach learning thresholds for IL.

Notes from the workshop are available here: Assessing threshold concepts for information literacy

This was a successful workshop with great discussion.

What sort of other professional development should OLA-LART assist with facilitating?

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