Webinar: Telling the Story of your Library’s Impact 5/22

This is a re-post from the NW Central website related to a library assessment webinar of interest.

Telling the Story of your Library’s Impact

Date, Location

Thu, 05/22/2014 – 9:00am – 10:00am

About the Event

No matter where you are or what type of library you work in, you are faced with budget cuts and even closures. You need to prove the impact your library has on your patrons, students and community. This one hour webinar will help you prove your library’s value and impact by learning to gather the right kind of library stories. These stories you can use when reporting on the library to the news media, when asking for additional budgets from local and state governments and when applying for grants.

Presented by: Julie Pepera

Gale Group, Customer Education Specialist

Background: Bachelor’s degree in History, Albion College; Master’s in Information Science, University of Michigan’s School of Information. Staffed the reference desk of several Michigan libraries and has worked in the online community with JSTOR and Google.

Contact: Julie Pepera. For more training tips, check out JulieTraingale on Twitter! Find more of Julie’s projects and customer testimonials at her personal page: http://juliepeperaportfolio.yolasite.com/

Cost: Free

To Register:

Go to Event web site for registration details.

Event Website

Oregon Webinars from Gale

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